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If you like SS metal products then you must go with the SS powder-coated Or PVD-coated furniture it will help you to enhance the beauty of your home interior. You may look at our Stainless steel and MS products and experience our Stainless steel furniture products in Dehradun.

Get, Stainless steel Centre Tables

Choosing the right center table is important. Because the center table is one of the things that get our attention the most as it is the centerpiece of the living room. That's why we design our stainless-steel tables that way. Which is stylish and lasts longer. Stainless steel Center tables come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. A center table should be proportionate to the size of the sofa. You can choose a center table that matches your sofa and meets your serving requirements.

Perfect Dining table in Stainless steel Base

The dining table is not just a place where we eat food, but a place where the whole family gathers and shares thoughts. There are many types of dining tables available in the market. We deal in both wooden dining tables and stainless steel dining tables which come with many types of chairs and table tops. We design our stainless steel dining tables and chairs in such a way that they match each other and make you feel good.

Comfortable Office & Living Room Seating

The chair is made of a combination of stainless steel, wood, and upholstery is very trendy these days. Stainless steel chair comes in luxury furniture. But the material and furnishing should also be of good quality when choosing the chair. Chairs come in a variety of sizes and finishing. You should select it according to your need.

Luxury Stainless steel End table Design

The side table is not just a table it is a part of the sofa and center table. Side tables should always match the sofa and center table. We design our stainless steel side tables in such a way that some part of the design, color, and material is similar to that of the sofa and center table with it.

Contemporary Console table Design in Stainless steel

The stainless steel console table is an eye-catching piece of steel furniture. Console tables can be put to many uses. To display decorative items, for lamps, like a dresser with a mirror. The stainless-steel console table makes the entryway look beautiful with use as well. There are some standard sizes of stainless steel console tables and you can also get it made according to your own accord in any size or material.

Comfy Sofa in Stainless steel Base and Upholstered

The sofa is made with a stainless-steel base upholstered is eye-catching and provides a sturdy foundation and an elegant edge. If we keep the sofa base, center table frame, and side table frame made in the same metal and finishing, it makes the interior look even more. The stainless-steel base upholstered sofa comes in luxury furniture.

Stylish Nesting Table Design

If you have less space you may go for a stainless-steel nesting table. Because it will not only save your space but also enhance its beauty of that. The frame of the table should be stainless steel and the top in glass/stone is a good option for nesting tables. The stainless steel nesting table is square, rectangular, and round. You can choose the size and design as per your requirement.

Long-lasting and esthetical Stainless Steel Partition Design

While selecting the partition for the kitchen lobby or living room, we cannot ignore the stainless-steel partition. A stainless steel partition with a gold or rose finish gives a home a pretty look, which is trendy now a day. We have many designs of stainless steel partitions that we have made but still if you suggest any design we can try to make that also. You have to share the partition size, and design with us. We will customize it according to your need.

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